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SMT to develop abalone farming course

SMT has been contracted to develop abalone aquaculture husbandry training, leading to more courses in this sector.

As part of its continuing work with Yumbah Aquaculture and South West TAFE in Portland Victoria, in 2020, SMT was contracted to develop abalone aquaculture husbandry training for SWT. 

This work follows on from the biosecurity training course that SMT developed and ran for Yumbah Aquaculture in Victoria funded by the Victorian Skills Commissioner. 

Yumbah Aquaculture has abalone farms in South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania.  With its support, SMT is hoping to also provide this training to its Tasmanian staff and other Abalone farm operators in Tasmania.

Harvest time at Yumbah’s Portland farm.

We look forward to providing more information on this subject in the near future.

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