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We set the industry benchmark by offering a diverse range of high-quality maritime, ocean and seafood training courses.

We also offer Dogging, Vehicle Loading Crane, Non-slew Crane and other specialised courses upon request, as well as Certificate III, IV and Diploma in Aquaculture for clients already employed in the industry. 


Coxswain Deck

Designed for people requiring a commercial licence to skipper a commercial fishing, trading or passenger vessel up to 12m in length.

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Coxswain Engineering

For people who hold a Coxswain Grade 2 (NC) CoC and wish to operate a 100Kw up to 500Kw inboard propulsion commercial vessel up to 12m in length with inshore waters.

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Wader Safety

This course is for people who use waders in the workplace and it specifically addresses the requirements of participants to be able to safely use waders in an aquatic environment.

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Marine Engine Driver 3

To operate machinery on vessels less than 500Kw propulsion power as a Chief Engineer in the EEZ up to offshore limits or as a Second Engineer on a vessel with propulsion power <750Kw in operations up to restricted operations.

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Marine Engine Driver 2

This course provides approved training to the competency required for a Marine Engine Driver Grade 2 Near Coastal Certificate as specified by the NSCV and AMSA.

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Available for people who are actively employed in the finfish or shellfish aquaculture industry, including hatcheries.

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why select smt for your training?

Seafood & Maritime Training (SMT) has been providing world-class education service to the Australian aquaculture and maritime sector for over 30 years.

Over this time, we have created a practical learning environment with a specific mix of hands-on learning and classroom education, that is delivered in small class sizes.

We pride ourselves on offering organisations and individual students, exceptional guidance throughout their complete training experience. This includes all of the documentation and follow-up necessary to ensure that qualifications remain current and in-keeping with changing legal requirements.

Our complete range of training and licensing are suitable for both organisations and individuals, and are delivered from our Hobart training centre and from a range of facilities all around the state of Tasmania.

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