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Coxswain Deck

Coxswain Near Coastal (NC) Certificate of Competency (CoC).

Designed for people requiring a commercial licence to skipper a commercial fishing, trading or passenger vessel up to 12m in length.


For people who wish to apply for a commercial licence to skipper a commercial fishing, trading or passenger vessel up to 12 metres in length, within sheltered waters and forms the core of all Coxswain Near Coastal (NC) Certificate of Competency requirements.

This course includes the following courses:

  • MARC037 Operate inboard and outboard motors
  • MARI003 Comply with regulations to ensure safe operation of a vessel up to 12 metres
  • MARJ006 Follow environmental work practices
  • MARK007 Handle a vessel up to 12 metres
  • MARN008 Apply seamanship skills aboard a vessel up to 12 metres

course outline

The course covers topics including:

  • rope and wire work
  • preparing for sea and rough weather
  • vessel design, construction and stability; berthing duties
  • manoeuvring and vessel handling in normal and exceptional circumstances
  • duties in confined waters
  • anchoring, mooring and towing, machinery and equipment
  • COLREGS and IALA buoyage
  • types of emergencies and general responses
  • weather and outboards

training & assessment

SMT provides all the training and assessment and activities will include:

  • written assessments of underpinning knowledge
  • verbal assessments of understanding of actions to be taken during routine, emergency and exceptional circumstances
  • demonstration of practical skills and knowledge whilst on board a vessel and in a simulated environment.


The National Standard for Commercial Vessels (NSCV) Part D—Crew Competencies requires that a seafarer pass a final assessment prior to the issue of a certificate of competency – learn more here.

things you need to know


From $ 765

For eligible Tasmanian residents, this training is subsidised by the Department of State Growth, Tasmania.

Additional AMSA Fees may apply


This course is designed for people who already have considerable experience in vessel operations.

course duration

This is a 5-day course (9am- 5pm) which is completed in the classroom and also includes boating practical group and individual sessions.

The final boating practical session is held on the last day of the course, you will be required to attend for half the day to complete this practical and then a final verbal assessment, the time will be communicated to you during the course. All equipment, training, and assessment materials that participants need are provided by SMT.

equipment & materials

All of the equipment, training and assessment materials that participants need will be provided by SMT.

Participants must bring their own writing materials and their own work-style clothing and enclosed footwear appropriate to the forecast weather conditions.

Note: SMT will provide materials from which participants are required to learn lights, shapes and sound signals as part of self-study before the course.

additional details

If you have also completed the Elements of Shipboard safety (ESS), combining these units and Coxswain Deck units makes you eligible to receive a MAR10418 Certificate I in Maritime Operations (Coxswain Grade 2 Near Coastal).

If you have completed the ESS, First Aid, Navigation and Engineering, the combination of these units and the Deck units will make you eligible to receive a MAR20318 Certificate II in Maritime Operations (Coxswain Grade 1 Near Coastal).

A fully completed AMSA CoC application is required for the licence you are applying for, the documentation required includes an application form, sea time evidence, medical declaration and eyesight test, proof of identity and a current photo.

SMT administration will provide you with an application pack and guide you through the requirements.

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