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terms & conditions

all the fine print and small details about our training and certification


Most of SMT’s training is conducted at its Hobart Training Centre at Salamanca, however, courses are also offered each year in St Helens, Smithton and Strahan. Training is conducted in other regions where there is a clear industry demand.

Seafood & Maritime Training is a registered training organisation (National Provider Code 7074) and provides nationally accredited training and assessment from the National Seafood Training Package (SFI) and the Maritime Training Package (MAR).

enquiries & enrolments

SMT staff are available during normal business hours (9am – 5pm, Monday – Friday) to answer any questions about qualifications, courses or other services and to assist with enrolments.

Enrolments will only be accepted if accompanied by deposit/full payment or an authorised Purchase Order unless prior arrangements are made with SMT Management.

All course fees and, where applicable, licence fees, must be paid before the commencement of the qualification or course (see [B] below for fees above $1500).

Enrolling into any of our courses can be done in person at SMT or online at

fees, refunds and discounts

The fees and charges for the courses and qualifications offered by Seafood & Maritime Training are listed on SMT’s Course Schedule and Fees available from the SMT office. 

Qualifications covered under a contract of training e.g. Traineeships: 

  • Fees and charges for training conducted under a contract of training are determined at induction and are contained in a contract between the trainee’s employer and Seafood & Maritime Training.
  • Seafood & Maritime Training undertakes that no additional charges will be imposed during this period (conditions apply).
  • Refund details relating to ‘new apprenticeships’ are detailed in each individual contract. 


All courses and qualifications not under a contract of training: 

  • Fees of less than $1,500.00 – the full amount is due on enrolment; and
  • Fees greater than $1,500.00 – $1,500.00 is due on enrolment with the remainder due in the last week of the course
  • Full refunds are available prior to course commencement.
  • Seafood & Maritime Training undertakes that no additional charges will be imposed for the qualifications covered by the enrolment with the exception of any additional third party licence fees imposed due to a resit of the assessment. 
  • Discounts on course fees may be available on application to the CEO of SMT. Discounts do not apply to statutory fees or training resources.
  • No results will be awarded for any course or qualification until all enrolment fees have been fully paid regardless of whether the course or qualification has been completed 

access & equity

Seafood & Maritime Training (SMT) endorses the national strategy for access and equity by incorporating the principles of equity into all programs.

Clients have access to all programs irrespective of their gender, culture, linguistic background, race, socio-economic background or disability. Admission procedures are free from discrimination and if an individual does not meet entry requirements every effort will be made to assist them to identify alternative courses of action.

AMSA Mandated Practical Assessment (AMPA)

An AMPA is an AMSA Mandated Practical Assessment which has become a requirement by AMSA for participants who complete any Maritime courses with SMT. The AMPA is completed by the Trainer whilst the participant is completing the course. No extra requirements are imposed on the participant – lean more here.

appeals process

A fair and impartial process for appealing against an assessment decision is always available to clients. If an SMT client wishes to appeal their assessment result, a request outlining the reason(s) for the appeal can be lodged with the CEO. A review of the assessment will be initiated in a timely manner and a re-assessment by another assessor may be arranged. Clients will be given the opportunity to formally present their case and will be given a copy of the outcomes of the appeal in writing.

assistance with learning

SMT provides clients with assistance in learning, including support with reading, writing and arithmetic. This may include support during training and assessment activities; assistance with written assessment activities; and assisting clients to access support from specialist support and training organisations. Clients are given the opportunity to identify any needs at enrolment and to seek assistance from their trainer or any other member of staff throughout their training.

complaints process

Any client (course participant / trainee / employer) who has a complaint is encouraged to:

Firstly, discuss the matter with their Trainer/Assessor.

If that does not resolve the issue, Contact the CEO at Seafood & Maritime Training to arrange a meeting to discuss the matter Seafood & Maritime Training will endeavour to broker a solution between conflicting parties in a timely manner (within 10 working days, if possible, but no more than 60 days). If this fails, then an external mediator will be requested to arbitrate. Seafood & Maritime Training will deal with clients’ complaints in a fair and equable manner.

Clients will be given the opportunity to formally present their case and will be given a copy of the outcomes of the complaint in writing. If the above actions are not successful, then clients should contact Skills Tasmania. If the complaint relates to a training contract, contact Skills Tasmania.

course & qualification completion times and re-assessments

All SMT courses must be completed within 12 months of enrolment. All Certificate I, II, III, IV & Diploma qualifications must be completed within 24 months of enrolment. Where a student is not able to be assessed competent within the normal time allowed for a course/qualification, SMT will offer additional training, extra tuition and provide opportunities to be reassessed for a period of a minimum of 6 months after scheduled completion.

No additional fees will be charged for this service. Where a participant is deemed Not Satisfactory in an assessment, the participant will be given 2 attempts within the timeframe of the course and 1 more attempt will be available for them on the next course.

If the participant continues to be Not Satisfactory, the participant will have to re-enrol for the full course at no extra cost.

If a participant decides not to go any further with the course and will be exiting the program, a Not Yet Competent result will be recorded. SMT does not charge for replacement certificates.

guarantee of service

SMT will make every effort to complete the provision of training and assessment in any qualification once training has commenced. In the event that SMT cannot complete the training and assessment, SMT guarantees that it will arrange alternative provision at no additional cost to the client.

personal information and access to personal records

All personal information provided to SMT, and all records of participation and progress will be managed as outlined in the SMT enrolment form declaration. Records of each client’s participation and progress are made available to the client in a timely manner on request to SMT staff.

questions or queries

Should you have any questions or queries about our terms and conditions, we encourage you to contact us directly to discuss.