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SMT at Australian Wooden Boat Festival 2023

SMT marking the return of Australian Wooden Boat Festival 2023 after being hold for 4 years since the pandemic.

Marking the return of the Australian Wooden Boat Festival

After a 4-year pause, the Wooden Boat Festival has brought a flotilla of wooden boats and tall ships to Hobart.  The Hobart waterfront comes alive including various activities and entertainment that attract large crowds.

SMT has joined the festival on many occasions, highlighting career pathways into the seafood and maritime industry.  Positioned near Princes Wharf 1 this year, we greeted hundreds of visitors. Many of whom were interested in a maritime industry career.

Our display included the simulators we use for the “Master less than 24m NC” and “Marine Engine Driver 3” training courses.  Festival patrons were able to operate the simulators and get the experience of captaining their own vessels. 

As part of the weekend program and in partnership with TSIC, SMT also presented the survival liferaft used in our Elements of Shipboard Safety Course and other real-life ship survival tools.

Each day, we also ran a lucky draw prize!

We would like to take this opportunity to applaud to AWBF 2023 team and their partners for organising such a successful event. Especially after the recent hiatus.  

Thanks also to TSIC, The Royal Institution of Naval Architects, Kedge Marine Surveyors, and all of the other exhibitors and stallholders for making this such an extraordinary event (and of course all of those who attended the event).

Sea Survival Liferaft demonstration at AWBF 2023 by SMT.

SMT stall at AWBF 2023.

AMSA changes create new training requirements

From 1 January 2023, AMSA has revised Marine Order 505 (Certificates of Competency – National Law).  As a result, our student enrolments have increased from previous years, in order to meet these new requirements.

The courses which have been affected by the new Marine Order 505 include:

  • Coxswain Grade 2 NC,
  • Coxswain Grade 1 NC,
  • Master less than 24m NC, Master less than 45m NC (which replaces the previous Master less than 35m NC),
  • Marine Engine Driver Grade 3 NC and;
  • Marine Engine Driver Grade 2 NC.

The new order introduces the requirement for a “Standard for Assessment of Medical Fitness” which must be completed by the student’s Medical Practitioner.  This incorporates an eyesight test for all new applications.

Whilst there are reductions in sea service requirements for most levels of qualifications, First Aid is required for all new Certificate of Competency applications. 

Subsequently, because of these new requirements, SMT has a very high demand and available spots are filling rapidly. We are planning to add more training courses to cater for the extra requirements, however, please feel free to contact us if your organisation has a specific need or deadline in mind.

All our courses are available to enrol via our website

Annual maintenance and repair ticked off

Navigator, Mariner and Seatrain complete their annual maintenance and inspections.

In December 2022, the SMT training vessels were moved from the Kings Pier Marina in Hobart to make way for the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race and the Australian Wooden Boat Festival.  We use this time to complete routine maintenance whilst the vessels were berthed in Prince of Wales Bay, in Derwent Park.

This year Navigator was lifted out of the water at Cleanlift Marine.  Whilst on the hard stand area, the hull was water blasted to remove the marine growth.  The maintenance included inspection of the antifouling coatings and underwater fittings, and the propeller and shaft were cleaned and coated with a Propspeed propeller coating.

In the engine room, routine engine services were carried out on the main and generator engines, and some minor modifications were carried out to tidy up redundant fittings.

We began improving the bilge pumping system, made improvements to the main fuel line and added mounting points on the deck to enable the smaller tender vessel Mariner (and its cradle) to be better secured.

Mariner had a canopy and windscreen fabricated and fitted, making it more comfortable and “sun-smart” when on the water.

Seatrain was also lifted out of the water by Hurricane Marine.  The underwater hull was sandblasted and recoated with fresh antifoul coatings, plus other minor adjustments and repairs.  Astoundingly, once back in the water with the new underwater paint, Seatrain achieved a new top speed of 13 knots!

With all of our vessels up to date and looking sharp, we are looking forward to a fantastic year.

Navigator out of water for annual maintenance.
Seatrain before has the new coating and repairs.
Mariner cruising back to Elizabeth Pier with its new canopy and windscreen.

SMT at Dover Seafest

We were pleased to attend Dover Seafest 2023. The fun, family event was held on Kent Beach Road on 19 March 2023.

Dover Seafest is a community festival with a special emphasis on the seafood available from Dover and surrounding waters.  It was an excellent day of music and free kids’ activities, plus displays by local makers and growers.  And of course, lots of great local food and drinks. 

Massive thanks to all those who attended the event and found us on the day.

Seafest 2023 in Dover, Tasmania.

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