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Shellfish Farm Management Certificate IV

In consultation with industry partners, SMT had developed Certificate IV in Shellfish Farm Management available now.

Early in 2020, SMT with its partners TSIC and Oysters Tasmania, commenced a new project that aimed to develop a Certificate IV in Shellfish Farm Management. The program aims to help develop the next generation of oyster farm managers. 

As part of this development, SMT consulted with Oyster farmers in all Tasmanian growing areas to ensure their needs and suggestions are included in the program. 

It was anticipated this training course would commence in August/September 2020, however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, commencement has been delayed until after Easter in 2021.

SMT is, however, currently in the process of creating new content and materials that align with specific units in preparation for the 2021 commencement.

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