Laurie Appleby Trainer Profile


General introduction
Laurie is a High Risk trainer and has been training since 1980. Laurie started training with SMT in 2012 and is the High Risk trainer for various courses.

How did you first get into training?
I started out working in the Industry in 1969 doing Rigging, Scaffolding and Crane Operations. Laurie has been involved in the coordination of training programs for some key businesses around Tasmania including Tas Networks and the Hydro including being an Industry Consultant.

What courses do you train and assess in?
Currently with SMT I train and assess in Forklift, Dogging, Non-Slew Crane, Slewing Crane, Vehicle Loading Crane and DMLA. I am qualified to train in other areas such as Work platforms, Portal Boom, Scaffolding – basic, intermediate and advanced, 20T, 60T and 100T slewing.

What is your favourite course and why?
I really enjoy training students in Licence to perform Dogging as I find this course pretty interesting.

Why do you like training for STT?
SMT has a great bunch of people working for them and they make being part of the SMT enjoyable.