Fred van Tuil Trainer Profile




General Introduction  

Fred has been working with SMT since around 2004 as a Maritime Trainer.

Fred has always loved sailing since he was a kid which led him into a career in the Fishing Industry. Fred also runs the business Boat Biz Tas offering training and recreational licences.


How did you first get into training?
I first got into training around 15 years ago when meeting up with Rory Byrne who offered me the opportunity to do some training. I honestly didn’t think I could do it and then realised how much I enjoyed what I was doing and that I was actually pretty good at it.


What courses do you train and assess in?
Currently I train clients in Coxswain Deck, Engineering, Navigation, ESS and also Exemption 38


What is your favourite course and why?                                                                                                                                                                         

Coxswain deck would have to be my favourite course to train in. It has a good mix of classroom and vessel training. It is definitely a big week but we achieve some great outcomes.


Why do you like training for STT?
I work with a great crew at all levels and really enjoy seeing course participants learning and kicking goals.