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Demonstrating flexibility in response to industry needs

SMT Welcoming 2023 with remarkable Echo Sounder Recovery, special training to support industry and our team movement.

Over the busy festive season, SMT responded to new demands and created unique training opportunities for the local seafood and maritime industries.

SMT helps recover CSIRO echo sounder

Over 12 months ago, CSIRO was unable to recover a ‘multi-frequency seabed echo sounder’ on the seabed near Maria Island and struggled to locate it during the initial recovery efforts.  Not only was it a unique piece of equipment, but it also contained valuable data about the waters in the area.

Recently, SMT had the opportunity to partner with Fulcrum Robotics to provide maritime support and expertise that contributed to the successful recovery of the echo sounder.

Onboard Navigator, a crew from SMT, CSIRO and Falcrum Robotics undertook a detailed search of the seabed using a Remoting Operating Vehicle (ROV) and the Navigator’s powerful depth sounder.

SMT doesn’t usually undertake missions like this, however, it was a great opportunity for our staff and training team to participate in a very detailed maritime operation that included 6 hours of exploration at up to 90m depth. 

The mission included the development of a detailed recovery plan, ocean navigation, use of technical equipment and teamwork.  This has provided us with a range of learnings and content for future training activities. 

It was a fantastic opportunity to partner with other organisations to undertake a challenging activity on local waters.

Locating the ‘multi-frequency seabed echo sounder on the sea floor and lifting up to Navigator.
The journey back to Hobart after an epic recovery mission.

Bespoke training to support the launch of a new vessel

Following the procurement of a new vessel, the Department of National Resources and Environment (NRE) contacted SMT for training support. 

SMT often helps organisations with the development of unique training programs and in this case, we were able to help NRE develop an operational safety program for their new vessel. 

This includes on-water training for their team plus the safe use of the vessel’s davit arm which enables them to lift objects and equipment from the water, into the vessel.

NRE officers attended a one-day course that included theoretical and practical training, focusing on vessel stability, lifting actions and operation of the vessel.

SMT trainer Peter Cheesman and NRE officers performing a lifting task on the new vessel.
Practical training session on the new NRE vessel on Elizabeth Street Pier, Hobart.

Higher demand calls for flexible training options

In recent months, a larger number of students have been calling for Work Health and Safety training, which has led us to expand the intake numbers for certain courses and add additional courses to our training schedule.

This included booking larger facilities at the Hobart Function and Conference Centre to accommodate larger groups that exceeded the capacity of the SMT training facilities.

Also, additional Rigging and Dogging Courses were provided to accommodate a group of Tassal employees.

We encourage all industry organisations and partners to contact us if they have a bespoke training need, as we are flexible to accommodate these requirements.

A WHS Course run at Hobart Function & Conference Centre.
A Tassal trainee while performing a lifting task during their Dogging Course.

Changes to the SMT crew for 2023

SMT welcomes two new team members in 2023; Quality & Compliance Officer Jennifer Huryk and new Course Administration Ashleigh Heather.

With a wide range of experience, Jennifer has worked with other RTOs for more than 10 years including the role of Trainer Assessor plus other RTO management, compliance and administration roles.  In addition to her valuable experience, Jennifer holds a Diploma of Leadership and Management, a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and a Bachelor of Arts.

Ashleigh comes from a business administration background including 4 years of experience working with other Registered and Group Training Organisations. She has previously completed her Certificate III in Accounts Administration and Certificate IV in Accounting.

We’d like to take the opportunity to farewell Trainer Steve Williams. 

Steve has spent many years training our Coxswain Deck, Coxswain Engineering and Elements of Shipboard Safety students, and we appreciate all of his contributions to SMT.  He provided us with valuable experience from his ‘previous life’ with the Marine Division of Tasmania Police.  After a long history of professional boating, we wish him all the best with a well-earned retirement.

SMT also says goodbye and good luck to Kayla Noel.  Kayla has been with us since 2014 and we’re going to miss the brilliant support that she provided to our team and the authentic level of care and engagement that she provided to our students.

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