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Championing Diversity at World Aquaculture

SMT raised awareness of diversity, inclusion, and equity in the seafood industry workforce at The World Aquaculture Conference and spoke to one of our recently completed Master <24 students.

James Garde (SMT CEO) recently had a chance to speak at the World Aquaculture Conference in Darwin.

James used the opportunity to discuss raising awareness for the benefits of diversity, inclusion, and equity in the Seafood Industry. With Seafood and Maritime Training having over 1000 individuals entering the industry we needed to ask the question – what would happen if we started mentioning the benefits of diversity in our training?

SMT knows how influential our trainers can be, when our trainers are passionate about a topic it will become part of their delivery and influence the way a student thinks about it. In discussions with TSIC CEO Julian we came up with a vison of the Tasmanian Seafood Industry becoming and being recognised as a champion of diversity. 

The project was to focus on the benefits of diversity of thought, hoping to motivate the removal of barriers, we didn’t want the message to focus on gender and wanted to leave it up to those receiving the message to determine how to promote diversity in their workplace.

We engaged with WISA Experts Kirsten Abernethy and Skye Saunders to develop a project plan. The plan was engaged a group with the concept and get their support to develop the conversation around diversity, inclusion and equity that would work in a training environment.

The workshop attracted a lot of interest and commitment from both our trainers and industry. SMT are now currently developing smaller groups who want to lead the process of embedding the conversations into SMT’s training. SMT plans to measure the impact this will have on the Seafood and Maritime Community over the next couple of year.  

Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Presentation at World Aquacultue Conference

James Garde (SMT CEO), Shane Gillie and Chadd Mumme represented SMT at World Aquaculture Conference

“Can you call me Captain now?”

Seafood and Maritime Training would like to congratulate Ian Welsman on his drive and dedication to achieving his Master 24mNC.

On the completion of Ian’s Master 24m, we took the time to catch up with Ian and discuss how he felt about completing course and what are reasons he comes to SMT for his training. 

Ian stated that one aspect he really liked about the course was our limited class sizes as it allowed for “the teacher to have more time to be involved with the students”. Ian also enjoyed the class breaking up into smaller groups when doing the practical activities on the vessels as it made it easier to see and understand what was being taught.

Ian found the course both challenging and supportive. Ian said he felt that he was given support through his Master 24m journey with trainers staying back a few times to help with things he didn’t understand. The course workload was clearly explained, and he understood that some after-hours study would be required. “We had to commit to it – not just in the daytime – you had to go home and do some homework as well” Ian remarked. Ian said that the training staff were always available to be asked questions so that you never felt like you were being left behind. 

Ian said that the course met his expectations and that it was a great course in a great location with an environment that is set up for learning with computers and classrooms that you can come back to and work on your assessment as you need.

For Ian’s career he now has more opportunities in vessel operations “I can get off maintenance…I’ve got two tickets, that I got here” Ian stated.

Overall, Ian said he was very satisfied with his SMT training journey and that he felt when you put the work in with right type of support you can achieve your desired outcomes. Ian thanked the whole SMT team for giving him the right resources and right people to get the result he was looking for. 

The SMT Team wish Ian all the best with his career and hope to see him again if he requires any additional training. 

Ian Welsman, Master <24 NC student

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