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SMT training goes online for crews in Antarctica

SMT delivers online training to AAD workforce in Antarctica, as COVID-19 extends their stay at the Davis Station.

Early in 2020, SMT ran Master <24 and MED 3 courses for the landing barge crew of Australia’s new Ice Breaker RSV Nuyina.  The training programs were specifically tailored to suit the experiences and needs of these crews.

With COVID restrictions delaying the return of AAD staff (currently in Antarctica), SMT has commenced additional Coxswain Training for the Davis Station Crew whilst they are in Antarctica. 

The crew at Davis Station, Antarctica.

The course has been structured to fit around the working times of the crew, whilst remaining flexible to accommodate changes, where needed, due to operational demands on the crew.

All of the training is being delivered via regular live video training sessions using ‘smart’ white-boards and SMT’s online training system which allows crews to access all the required resources and tools.

The program has already kicked off and the team are doing a brilliant job with balancing training, in amongst their workload.

We encourage any industry employers to contact us to discuss specific training and education challenges so that we can collaborate on ways to customise training deliver to keep your workforce moving forward.

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