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General and practical information about AMSA

AMSA Mandated Practical Assessment (AMPA)

The National Standard for Commercial Vessels (NSCV) Part D—Crew Competencies requires that a seafarer pass a final assessment prior to the issue of a certificate of competency.

This is now completed via an AMSA mandated practical assessment (AMPA) conducted by a registered training organisation approved by AMSA. The AMPA is a practical assessment of whether the applicant has appropriate operational skills and knowledge, and knowledge of Australian maritime legislation. 

As part of its assessment process, SMT will complete an AMPA on each participant for the units completed as part of their course. This assessment is completed throughout each course.

The AMPA is valid for a period of 12 months from completion. If a certificate of competency has not been applied for prior to the expiration of the 12-month period, the AMPA must be completed again prior to lodging an application to AMSA.

Completed AMPA’s are an AMSA requirement and are submitted with your completed application and associated paperwork to AMSA.

The AMPA must be successfully completed prior to the issue of a certificate of competency for these qualifications:


SMT can issue an Interim Certificate of Competency (ICoC) to participants who have successfully completed all the requirements of the associated courses, have been issued with the qualification, have met all of the evidence and sea time requirements of AMSA and have paid all fees.

sea service

Sea service is a requirement for most certificates of competency. You must complete a specified amount of service time on a vessel in support of your application. The time and skills needed for your sea service can be recorded in a task book, sea service form, letter from the vessel operator or a declaration.

task books

If you are an Australian Seafarer, Task Books can be used to record your sea service, have it signed off and approved by an assessor and prove that you have completed enough sea service for the domestic qualification you are applying for.

A Task Book reduces the amount of sea time you are required to complete but also gives you the opportunity to add in other tasks to complete and gain exposure to in preparation for your courses.

SMT has Task Books available for purchase, please contact the SMT office for more information regarding fees for purchasing these and the assessment fee.

for more information

Refer to the AMSA website for more information: