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2021 training subsidies to be announced soon

To help stimulate economic recover, significant training subsidies are expected in 2021 and we encourage everyone to take advantage of these opportunities.

SMT is currenlty in the final stages of confirming funding subsidies for 2021, including the Skills Fund and Job Trainer applications.

The Skills Fund is for training subsidies that all Tasmanian Industries tender on to support the training needs of those who are employed.

With the demise of a very successful Seafood Industry Pledge training subsidy, the Tasmanian Seafood and Maritime Industry has had to pull its resources together in a Skills Fund application to hopefully secure training subsidies for 2021 which have been lost with the pledge.

With the support of TSIC, employers and industry partners, SMT has lodged the largest Skills Fund application the Tasmanian Seafood Industry has ever prepared.  The application is 75 pages long, contains 19 courses, has input in it from 53 employers and was for 1167 training places.  The tender took SMT, TSIC staff, employers and industry partners countless hours to compile, hence we are hopeful its size and scope demonstrates that the Seafood Industry should be supported by a training pledge, as we don’t want to be undertaking this process every 6 months to secure funds previously contained in the Seafood Pledge.    

Job Trainer was released soon after the skills fund application closed.  It is a jointly-funded initiative of the Commonwealth, state and territory governments, which allows young people (17-24yo) and those unemployed or underemployed to access training for free.  SMT has applied for this funding for the majority of its courses and we will be taking enrolments as soon as the results of our funding application are released. 

If successful, both the Job Trainer and Skills Fund applications will only provide a short term degree of training subsidy security for the Tasmanian Seafood and Maritime Industries, so over the next 6 months, SMT, TSIC and their industry partners will continue lobbying the State Government for a Seafood Industry Pledge replacement.

As this training is going to be free and spots will be limited, we encourage you to watch our website and social media for more details or contact via email to be kept updated on this funding.

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